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Practice Weekend

Extract from the Avon Descent Rules

350 – Participation in the Practise Days is the responsibility of the entrant and is undertaken at their own risk.

353 – Participants must avoid travel in the upstream direction during practice.

354 – Participants may practise at Northam Weir and Extracts Weir in the timeframe allocated to the Class in which they have entered the Descent

355 – Power craft entrants may practise between 12.00 noon and 6.00pm on Saturday the weekend before the Race and between 8.00am and 12.00 noon on Sunday before the Race.

356 – Power craft entrants may practise only in the following areas:

  • pool above Northam Weir to Posselts Ford
  • below Bells Rapid.

357 – Power craft shall not be placed on the water upstream of Peel Terrace Bridge at the Northam Weir.



To be covered by PDRC insurance you must:

  1. be an entrant in the Avon Descent;
  2. use a currently registered boat with equipment that meets the Specifications and would pass Scrutineering (Race ID Numbers excepted);
  3. use a motor that meets the Technical Specifications but may be out of the Class in which you are entered (e.g. you may use a 8hp motor even if you are entered in the 10hp Class).
  4. All entrants into the Avon Descent , when practicing on the official practice days, MUST practice in the full event race day, race set up.
    This means that all practice boats are to be currently registered and in good operating condition and all safety gear and equipment MUST be in race condition

NOTE Practice days are regarded as a race day



Paddlers are allowed to practice 365 days of the year except for the two half days when power boats are on the water and even then they can practise downriver from Posselts Ford.

Despite this some wrong-thinking paddlers make the ill-judged decision to practise between Northam and Posselts during power boat practise.

Obviously this is potentially very hazardous – to you and to them.

If you see paddlers on the river during the power boat practice period advise them that they are in potential danger and that should leave the water immediately. If possible ascertain their identity and advise race officials (Kim Epton or Ian Williamson in the first instance).