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Support Crews

405     If specified in the Supplementary Regulations each craft in an Event shall have a Support Crew of at least one adult person.

410     The Support Crew of a Team need not necessarily be Members of the PDRC.

415     If specified in the Supplementary Regulations, the Support Crew vehicle shall display the number of the craft it is supporting.

420     Motorbikes shall not be used for Support Crew vehicles.

425     Each member of the Support Crew shall make themselves acquainted with these Rules and with the Supplementary Regulations of an Event.

Top Ten Tips For Support Crews

  1. Before you leave the Start, ensure that you have a map of the course or detailed instructions to guide you along the course.  Talk to Race Officials to ascertain further information.
  2. Drive carefully.  This seems obvious but over the years a number of Support Crew have run off the road or otherwise crashed in unfamiliar territory.
  3. Ensure that you have ropes, straps or tie downs to secure your boat to your trailer or roof rack in case your Team withdraws before the Finish.
  4. Don’t pass a Checkpoint until you have confirmed that your Team has reached it.Approach the Checkpoint Operator for information.  They often have radio or satphone communication with other Checkpoints
  5. At a Checkpoint, position yourself, if possible, at a flat, level spot where your boat can easily beach to get a prop or to refuel.
  6. Wear something distinctive (that your Team knows) and have a number board (corflute or similar lightweight material) on which is displayed your Team Race Identification Number.
  7. Have with you tools, drinks and propellers.  Know where other spare parts and tools are stored in your vehicle.
  8. If at a Designated Refuelling Point, ensure that you know the precise location where refuelling may take place.  Have the replacement fuel tank with you.  Be aware that tanks may be swapped only – no decanting of fuel.
  9. The approach of ducks or other wildfowl heralds the imminent arrival of a boat. Watch for two, or sometimes more, as they fly downriver.  A boat will be only minutes behind.
  10. Know the rule concerning Illegal Assistance.  You may assist your Team providing such assistance does not take the craft nearer the finish. For instance, you can help drag the craft out of the water but you cannot push it out to deeper water on departure from the Checkpoint.  See also Competition Rule 1300.