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Rules and Technical

The Competition Rules have been developed over many years and govern all forms of racing.  They are the Rules you must abide by when racing. Some of the Navigable Waters Regulations (NWR) also apply.

The Specifications, which state what type, size and standard of boat, motor and equipment you use, are part of the Competition Rules, although they are listed separately.

The Technical Specifications are the measurements that each motor must comply with.  These, too, are part of the Competition Rules.

Our enviable safety record is due in no small part to strict Scrutineering to ensure adherance to the Specifications and NWRs.

The PDRC conducts a Competition Licence Test to ensure that you know the Competition Rules, Specifications and relevant parts of the NWR.

The Constitution governs how the Club is run and is independent of the Competition Rules. The Constitution of the Power Dinghy Racing Club can be found in About us.

The attached rules were ratified by a Special General Meeting on  27th June 2011 and become effective on the 27th July 2011.