Competition Rules

The Competition Rules outline the general requirements and guidelines that all participants must follow to ensure fair and safe competition.

Supplementary Regulations

Supplementary Regulations are race specific. These regulations provide additional details and guidelines that are unique to that particular event.

The Specifications

The Specifications state what type, size and standard of boat, motor and equipment you can use. They form part of the Competition Rules.

The Constitution

The Constitution governs how the Club is run and is independent of the Competition Rules. 

Together, the competition rules and supplementary regulations work to ensure that all races are conducted in a fair and safe manner, with the goal of providing an enjoyable and competitive experience for all participants.

An understanding of the Competition Rules, Specification and Supplementary Regulations is required before racing in any event.

Scrutineering Checklist

The scrutineering checklist can be used as a quick reference guide to ensure your boat will meet the requirements for the next race. It is important to note that the scrutineering checklist may vary depending on the specific race regulations and requirements. Therefore, it is always best to review the supplementary regulations for the race in question to ensure that you are fully compliant.