Nannup Cup

The Race

The Nannup Cup, the first river race of the season, is an eagerly anticipated event that spans 92km along the Blackwood River from Nannup Caravan Park to Sue’s Bridge. The course is characterised by long pools, which can be obstructed by various obstacles such as ti-trees, fallen logs, and rapids. As this race takes place early in the season, participants should be prepared for the possibility of facing a more challenging course due to low water levels, which demand a higher level of skill and experience to navigate. 

This race is a valuable opportunity for participants to hone their river racing skills and gain experience in handling specialised boats before the Avon Descent in August. The race offers a chance to navigate a demanding course, and to build on the competencies that will be essential for success in future events.

All Power Dinghy classes are open to compete, including the Standard, Super Standard, Sports, and Adventure Class. The event is scheduled over the long weekend in June, culminating with a presentation ceremony at the Nannup Hotel on Sunday evening, where participants can share their stories and continue the celebrations into the night.

Practice Day

On Saturday, the Nannup Cup designates a “practice” day, but unlike practice days for other events that primarily focus on members honing their racing skills, the Nannup Cup practice day is more oriented towards training new members. Depending on water conditions, participants start as a group and travel upstream until encountering the first obstacle where they can pause and receive guidance on techniques such as jumping, portaging, or other necessary maneuvers. It’s an enjoyable day filled with laughter and camaraderie. For more comprehensive information, please refer to the supplementary regulations (sup regs).

River Levels

The water level for the race is dependent on the amount of rain received in the catchment area leading up to the event. You can check the current level at the Nannup Caravan Park [here], specifically site 609058 dedicated to the Blackwood River/caravan park. In general, a water level below 1.0m is considered low, while a level below 0.5m is considered particularly low. Monitoring the water level is essential for participants to assess the conditions and prepare accordingly for the race.


Since the race begins at the Nannup Caravan Park, many competitors opt to stay there for convenience. You can make bookings for accommodation at the caravan park through their website [here]. Another viable option is the Nannup Hotel, conveniently located within walking distance from the caravan park. Bookings for the hotel can be made directly on (08) 9756 1080.

Competitors and Support Crew

The provided Google Map below displays the start and finish line, along with all the checkpoints situated along the course. It is indeed a good idea to save the Google Map of the race route in offline mode. This allows support crews to access and navigate the map even in areas with no mobile service, ensuring they have the necessary guidance throughout the race.

To assist support crews, a support crew guide is available and can be accessed [here]. It is highly recommended that racers and support crews allocate time to familiarize themselves with the course and checkpoints. Creating a well-defined plan, including determining specific locations for the support crew to be stationed along the course, is essential for a successful race day.

Keep in mind that the course is subject to change based on water conditions, and any updates or new information will be communicated through our official Facebook page. Participants should stay connected and regularly check for announcements or changes to ensure they have the most up-to-date information

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